Services for Photo & Video

 Any of the packages can be expanded by adding shooting hours, increasing the number of retouched photos, ordering  a photobook design etc.

Video Session

* backstages

* family videos

* advertisement / instagram content 

  • shooting & montage
  • ready made video during 16 days
  • video quality HD 1080-1920
  • online link for downloading of your video (i will keep this link during 1 year!)
  • edition format of your video for instagram

200 eur/ hour

If you want to buy all the raw videos from your session (without montage)  that will cost + 30%  from the final pice of your order

Prices. Sensual Photo & Heartwarming Video

Studio Photo Session

Family, Kids, Individual portrait, Wedding, Love Story

  • Online Consultation before session,
  • 1 hour photoshoot,
  • Help with posing,
  • 20 photos with detail retouch (you can choose pictures for retouch by yourself),
  • 100 photos with basic corrrection,
  • ready made colour correction & retouch during 16 days,
  • Im saving your pictures in cloud during 1 year!

200 eur.

Photo studio rent is not included!

editional retouch for your pictures 

cost 20 eur/1 pc

Prices. Sensual Photo & Heartwarming Video

Photo books

    starting 100 eur р.  20*20 см 10 pages

  • You can use pictures from any of your photosesssions or even phone pictures,
  • All the text and signatures will be agreed,
  • Printed book will be delivered during 2 weeks after last confirmation with the client.
  • For the book with 10 pages you can use about 20-40 photos,
  • If you want to change quantity of sheets in your book — please write this in your order,
  • I’m keeping your book designs during 1 year!

starting 100 eur р. for the book size  20*20 см 10 pages

Prices. Sensual Photo & Heartwarming Video

Photo Reportage

Fests, Parties, Exebitions,  Wedding

  • Session during 2-8 hours;
  • Consultation;
  • Photo session and basic color & light correction for all the material.
  • 100 pictures/ hour,
  • Reportage photos, and posed pictures,
  • All the pictures will be sent by “cloud”
  • I’m keeping all your pictures during 1 year.

price 90 eur/hour

Prices. Sensual Photo & Heartwarming Video